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The Ananda Samakhom (Anantasamakom) Throne Hall - National Assembly.

The Ananda Samakhom (Anantasamakom) Throne Hall, National Assembly Building, Royal Plaza, Bangkok.

Uthongnai Road, Dusit District, Bangkok 10300.

By guided tour only every 30 minutes from 09.30 to 16.00 daily.

Admission charge applies, 50Bht for foreigners - 2007.

Photography is not permitted inside the building.

A strict dress code is enforced: no flip-plops, shorts, T-shirts or strappy tops here!

Grounds can be strolled at your leisure, where photography is permitted from the boundary fence only.

The Ananda Samakhom (Anantasamakom) Throne Hall, National Assembly Building, Royal Plaza, Bangkok.

We visited the The Ananda Samakhom (Anantasamakom) Throne Hall, National Assembly Building in October 2007 and found a large impressive Italianate piece of marble architecture standing proudly on the Royal Plaza by the King Rama V Statue off Sri Ayutthaya Road. The Ananda Samakhom (Anantasamakom) Throne Hall is a massive gleaming white structure, topped with a huge central dome surrounded by six smaller ones reminiscent of many historic buildings in Europe and North America. The frontage of the throne hall is approached from the south by a ten traffic-lane wide tree lined avenue leading up to it.

The Ananda Samakhom (Anantasamakom) Throne Hall, National Assembly Building, Royal Plaza, Bangkok.The building was commissioned in 1907 by King Rama V, King Chulalongkorn for visiting foreign dignitaries and for state council meetings, but he did not
survive to see it completed. The Ananda Samakhom Throne Hall was completed in 1915, during the reign of King Rama VI, King Vajiravudh, including the elaborate wrought iron gates and ornate fence that surrounds the well kept garden with its mature trimmed shrubs and immaculate lawns.

Inside, the marble floors are unfortunately covered in a plain (Royal) red carpet hiding what one would expect to be a fantastic pattered marble floor, based on the small areas we could see.

The furthest inside half of the building is a museum of fine Thai handicrafts, wonderful silver and gold artifacts, very fine basketwork, pottery, leatherwork, ceramics and wood carving. We were particularly impressed with the doll's house sized items, perfect in every minute detail.

The Ananda Samakhom (Anantasamakom) Throne Hall, National Assembly Building, Royal Plaza, Bangkok.The Italian architect Tamango designed The Ananda Samakhom (Anantasamakom) Throne Hall, National Assembly Building, in the Renaissance style. Ceiling frescoes (is this the Cistene Chapel of Thailand? We think yes!) depict the Chakri Dynasty and important works of those commissioned from King Rama I and King Rama VI being featured on the ceiling of the domes. The rotunda under which the Royal throne is positioned is also occupied by a Lord Buddha image which has been used for state ceremonies.

The Anantasamakom Throne Hall has played an ongoing role in the political and social history of Thailand since its completion. The building reflects the bond between the King and the many political institutions since the first Thai constitution. The first sitting of the Thai parliament took place in this hall.

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