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Thailand - Medical Travel Requirements from UK

Thailand vaccination requirements

Some inoculations for ThailandVaccination requirements and medical information for UK residents visiting Thailand:

Some inoculations for Thailand are recommended, so is the taking of anti-malaria tablets in certain areas, some are 'required' inoculations for Thailand.

We would say that as situations change very quickly you can check the necessary precautions with your GP. They will be able to supply the advised inoculations for visiting Thailand.

Malaria: The current information about Malaria in Thailand is that it is present in rural areas bordering Cambodia and Myanmar and rural areas bordering Laos. Protection required for rural areas that border Cambodia and Myanmar (Burma), Malarone or doxycycline is recommended. For rural areas on the border of Laos, again Malarone or doxycycline. Lariam can be taken.

All travellers should visit either their General Practitioner or attend a travel health clinicAll travellers should visit either their General Practitioner or attend a travel health clinic between 4 and 8 weeks before expected departure to Thailand.

Routine immunizations: All travellers should be up-to-date on measles-mumps-rubella, polio, tetanus-diphtheria and varicella immunizations.



Vaccination requirements and medical information for UK residents visiting ThailandHepatitis A protection is recommended presently for all travellers.

Hepatitis B protection is recommended for travellers who may have any intimate contact with partners of local origin (Essential if prolonged or multiple exposures)

Japanese encephalitis protection is recommended for any travellers to rural areas or travellers who may engage in extensive unprotected outdoor activities in rural areas for any length of time, especially after dusk.

Rabies protection is recommended for travellers who may have direct contact with animals and not have immediate access to local medical care.

Typhoid protection is recommended for travellers who may eat or drink outside major restaurants and hotels.

Yellow fever protection is required for all travellers greater than one year of age arriving from or transiting any yellow fever infected area of Africa or South America. Not recommended otherwise.

General advice

Take adequate supplies, to last your entire stay in Thailand, of all your regular medications and keep them in their original packaging, clearly labeled. Carry with you a signed, dated letter from your GP or Consultant describing all of your medical conditions and list all of your regular medications. This should include the generic names. If you need to carry any syringes or needles, it is really important that you carry a similar letter documenting their 'medical' necessity. Ensure you pack all of your medications in your hand luggage. Carry a backup supply in your hold luggage. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, take at least one extra pair. If you have significant allergies or chronic medical problems we recommend that you wear a medical alert (SOS) pendant or bracelet.

Before you leave for Thailand; make sure your health insurance covers you for all medical expenses abroad. If not, obtain supplemental medical insurance for overseas coverage, including possible emergency medical evacuation. If any illness occurs whilst in Thailand, medical expenses including any medical evacuation may run to tens of thousands of GBP. Take all of your insurance documents, claim forms, and any other relevant insurance information. Before your departure, find out whether your medical travel insurance policy provider will make payments directly to medical service providers or reimburse you at a later date for any overseas health expenditures covered in the policy. The UK NHS and US Medicare or Medicaid programs will not pay for any medical services in Thailand.

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