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Thailand - Rainy Season - Tips

When is the rainy season in thailand? - June to October.

What to Expect During Thailand's Rainy Season

Getting wet!The rainy (monsoon) season can be a bit unpredictable with little or no rain for a week or so, rain at night with clear days. Sometimes torrential rain that may last as little as 15 minutes to a deluge of 2 hours or more followed by sunshine that dries everything up! It may be overcast days with little to no rain - two to three days of sporadic day rain in the week. This is more likely later in or near the end of the rainy season.

Some rainy season hitches and advantages: The hitches are: You may get very wet and need to change or dry out. Planning outdoor activities is more difficult and requires a degree of flexibility to be built in. If there are temporary interruption or delays to itineraries or travel plans. Serious trekking, especially in mountain areas can be hazardous. If you are planning a ferry journey, then rough seas may make ferry travel to some islands impossible or at least unpleasant. Motoring or (Motor-) Cycling can be difficult and consideration should be given to the depth of water.Green and pleasant land.


The advantages are : The temperatures are lower, there are fewer tourists and accommodation is cheaper, everything is green and pleasant!

Just: Stay flexible with any travel plans you have, book your accommodation one stop at a time. Keep your documents and money dry! Plan your wet wardrobe! Cotton items dry Visit a temple!fastest. Carry water friendly footwear. If you get marooned by temporary flooding, improvise. Visit a temple and chat with the monks. Find a local museum or a restaurant with good smells! And order some dishes you haven’t tried before.

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