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Thailand - Information
- Tsunami Early Warning System


The Early Warning System Information Network & Data Exchange - The newly-established National Disaster Warning Centre functions as a centralised information centre receiving, monitoring, processing and relaying critical information on impending natural disasters round the clock. Data on the intensity of seismic or wave activity is received and transmitted via the Early Warning System established by the Thailand National Disaster Warning Centre.

To facilitate timely data exchanges and updates, the National Disaster Warning Centre is linked to international information networks in Europe, Asia and the Pacific. These include disaster prevention and mitigation agencies such as the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre in Hawaii, the US Geological Survey and the Japan Meteorological Agency.

Thailand’s Early Warning System information network is also linked to the information networks of the Meteorological Department, the Department of Mineral Resources and the Naval Hydrographic Department which provide data on seismic activity. It also taps into the information networks of other state agencies including the Department of Disaster Prevention and Relief, the Department of Fisheries, the Royal Irrigation Department, the Department of Maritime Transport and Commerce, and the Electricity Generation Authority of Thailand (EGAT).

The centre is staffed round-the-clock by a team of experts tasked with monitoring and analysing computer-generated reports. In the event that there is a high probability of a tsunami incident occurring, a warning for high risk areas around Thailand will be issued within 30 minutes. Data will be relayed immediately via satellite.

PROCESS Thailand’s National Disaster Warning Centre receives data transmitted from the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre in Hawaii, the US Geological Survey and the Japan Meteorological Agency and other sources round-the-clock.
Thailand’s National Disaster Warning Centre receives notification of seismic or wave activity or an earthquake that might be a potential threat.

The information received is compiled, computed and analysed within 20 minutes.

Vital data, such as the profile and elevation of the land, ocean depth and other key variables are keyed into a computer-simulated programme. Possible scenarios are generated and analysed. The potential risk to areas around Thailand is assessed. Within 20 minutes - In the event of impending danger such as the advance of destructive waves or floodwaters, public warnings are issued.

Once a warning has been issued by the National Disaster Warning Centre, television and radio stations will immediately cease broadcasts of normal programmes and commence their broadcast of the disaster warning within 5 minutes. (TAT)

National Disaster Warning Centre Call Centre:
Hotline: #1860 or Tel: +66 (0) 2589 2497, (0) 2589 2591



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