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Muay Thai Kick Boxing in Bangkok, Thailand

Muay Thai Kick Boxing at
Bangkok's Ratchadamnoen Stadium

Muay Thai is much different from Western boxing and the fighters may use their feet, elbows, legs, and knees to strike their opponent. Many young Thai men take part in this sport and several have moved on to excel in western boxing as well and Thailand gained its first Olympic gold in this event in Atlanta in 1996.

The Ratchadamnoen Muay Thai Kick Boxing Stadium on Ratchadamnoen Nok Avenue is the premiere Muay Thai Kick Boxing venue in Bangkok.

Non-Thai National tickets vary in price depending on the seating. Outer circle seats cost around 1000Bht. The Middle area seats cost 1500Bht. Ringside seat tickets cost 2000Bht. A Muay Thai Kick Boxing evening includes eight fights with a maximum of five rounds each.

Bangkok's Ratchadamnoen Stadium holds bouts on Mondays starting about 17.00 and 21.00 to about 22.00, Wednesdays and Thursdays at about 18.00 to about 22.00, and Sundays at 17.00 to about 22.00.

There are also practice bouts held at about 14.00 for an hour or so on Sundays but these are pretty much muay thai kick boxing technique 'lessons' for tourists, where you can see muay thai kick boxing equipment etc.


Muay Thai Kick Boxing in
Bangkok's Lumpini Boxing Stadium

We visited the Lumpini Stadium, Bangkok in October 2007 and found that the Lumpini Muay Thai Kick Boxing Stadium is located just to the east of Lumpini Park on (Thanon) Rama IV Road, Bangkok. Lumpini Muay Thai Kick Boxing Stadium is Bangkok's second major boxing stadium.

You can easily tell when it is fight night by the hundreds of mopeds, scooters and motorbikes parked outside on the pavement and road.

Ticket prices are a little bit cheaper for Non-Thai Nationals than those at Ratchadamnoen Stadium and vary according to the seating. Outer circle (level 3) seats are at 1,000Bht. while a ringside seat can cost between 2,500Bht (level 2) and 3,000Bht (ringside) depending on the fight card.

Fight Nights - Tuesdays, Fridays Commencing about 18.00, ending around 22.30 and Saturdays - Two sessions: The first commencing at about 17.00, ending around 20.00. The second session commencing at about 20.30, ending about midnight.

We went in the third level stands and positioned ourselves were we could get a reasonable view. We could see the 'tunnel' and the atmosphere was great. We were amongst keen fans who were quite vocal and gesticulated feverishly. The 'bleachers' style benches in this section are above a slatted floor and under 'ceiling' fans (that just keep you cool).

Whatever you do, don't get ripped off by ticket touts on the street, the chances are they are not valid for Non-Thais. Only buy tickets from the ticket windows at the respective Stadium.

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