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Thailand - North Region
- Chiang Mai Province - Chiang Mai City

Our prefered Excursion Travel Specialist in Chiang Mai is Vieng Travel

Tri-shaw and Honda - A typical street scene will combine past and presentChiang Mai province is the second largest province in Thailand - with the city of Chiang Mai as its capital around 700 km from Bangkok. With parts of the city and some of the people caught up in a time warp brought about by the diverse earning power of the have's (education and connections) and the have not's. A typical street scene will combine past and present at just about every turn.

Chiang Mai AirportServed by the modern international and domestic Chiang Mai Airport (left). With all the usual conveniences you would expect. Luggage trolleys (with the wheel that wants to go the other way), Baggage carousel, and toilets that flush!

Visitors to Chiang Mai can enjoy elephant trekking and visit a wealth of natural and man made attractions in the area, Doi Suthep with Wat Doi Suthep, Doi Inthanon and the Bhubing palace being just a few.

Part of the old city wall defencesChiang Mai city is over 700 years old, the old city is still surrounded by a moat and sections of a walled defence system including 5 gates. The newer areas spred out over many square miles. You can walk right round the Old City on foot in about three hours.

A full Chiang Mai city tour by car or Tuk Tuk will take the best part of a day and amongst the places worthy of a visit are a number of Buddhist temples or Wats: Wat Chiang Man - the oldest wat in Chiang Mai, built about 1296 housing a priceless image of the Lord Buddha. There are over 250 Temples in the province.

McDonnald - Chiang Mai CityAlthough developing, with modern apartment buildings, Burger King, McDonalds, Starbucks, 7-11 Stores and smart hotels the view is marred by the spiders web of telephone wires that are literally strewn across the city like a thick fishing net!

There is a flourishing night market and two weekend walking street markets that sells everything from silk to hot pork scratching's and provides that typical service the Thai massage!

Chiang Mai is home to Chiang Mai Zoo with its giant pandas and other wild animals.


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