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Thailand Cultural Centre and Permanent Exhibition Hall

Thailand Cultural Centre Ratchadapsiek Road, Huay Kwang, Bangkok 10320

Thailand Cultural Centre Permanent Exhibition Hall - Thailand Cultural Centre Ratchadapsiek Road, Huay Kwang, Bangkok 10320Approximately 400m from The Thailand Cultural Centre MRT Station (exit marked).

The Permanent Exhibition Hall, 2nd floor of the Academic Exhibition Services Building.

Open to the public, free of charge, Monday through Friday - 09.30 to 16.30

Thailand Cultural Centre Permanent Exhibition Hall - The second floor Permanent Exhibition HallWe visited the second floor Permanent Exhibition Hall in November 2007 and found museum style displays on these nationally important topics: The origin of the Thai Nation, Thai people's lifestyle and rice culture, Thailand and its relations with the rest of the world, Language, Literature and more.

Thailand Cultural Centre Permanent Exhibition Hall - The origin of the Thai NationIf you are genuinely interested in Thai culture then this exhibition is well worth a visit. Take your time to work your way through the exhibits, many of which have English subtitles or text.

There are a number of helpful staff in this department that speak enough English to assist in most academic matters.

Thailand Cultural Centre Permanent Exhibition Hall - Language, Literature and moreThe Thailand Cultural Centre is a national institution operated by the Office of The National Culture Commission (Kingdom of Thailand). The complex buildings consist of a Main Hall, a 2,000 seater auditorium with quality acoustics, capable of hosting world renowned artists like Dame Kiri Te Kanawa. The Small Hall, a 500 seat auditorium that can be reduced to 140. An Amphitheater with 1,000 seat capacity. A multi-purpose Plaza, suitable for artistic and cultural Thailand Cultural Centre Permanent Exhibition Hall - Multipurpose Complexactivities. Temporary Exhibition Hall (1st floor). Permanent Exhibition Hall (2nd floor), with an exhibition of the Thai Nation's development. A Multipurpose Complex, with floor space suitable for use as a lecture or meeting room. There is also a Cultural Library, serving the public with books, periodicals and magazines on cultural subjects.

In addition to the Permanent Exhibition Hall, there is a sister hall called The Supreme Artist Hall.

The Supreme Artist Hall [not visited] is located at Khlong (Canal) 5 in Khlong Luang district, Bangkok.

Exhibitions are open everyday from 08.30 to 16.30 and entrance is free of charge.

The three-story building is divided into seven rooms: one for Administration, one for temporary exhibition, five for permanent exhibition (two for the Supreme Artist, and three for 151 National Artists / since 1985-2003).

The exhibition halls are equipped with modern mixed media such as: video, multimedia computer, DVD, CD, Diorama, photo light box, slide multi-vision and more.

These exhibitions are not widely advertised for the general public and seem to serve mainly the academic institutes, however they are open to both the Thai public and tourists alike and visitors are made very welcome.

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