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Thailand - Koh Samui - Crocodile Farm

The crocodile farm on Koh SamuiSamui Crocodile Farm is about 800 mtrs from the Airport. Open 0830 to 1700 daily. The crocodile farm on Koh Samui is not the attraction it should be in our opinion. The site is not very clean or well kept and compared with other 'attractions' on the island it is a little expensive at 270 baht per person. There was little or no sinage or information at each enclosure.

The crocodile farm on Koh Samui


There are not many 'breeding' areas - with only one enclosure containing juvenile crocs. A baby crocodile



The word farm in the name is definitely a misnomer - the 'attraction' is no more than a small, third rate, zoo with crocodiles as the main inmates. The baby crocodile (left) is living in innocent ignorance of its true surroundings!

Crocodile 'show' area

There is a crocodile 'show' daily in the enclosure shown - left - we are glad we didn't see it as we were told that the 'trainers' tease and wrestle the unfortunate subjects


A caged monkey

There are monkey and ape enclosures and a few small mammals and snakes. The mammals cages appear to be too small and many are kept as singletons.

The snakes surroundings

The snakes surroundings in the vivariums are not at all interesting for the snakes and the glazing is not clean enough for the keen photographer to get a clear, clean shot!


Caged live rats on view outside the main entranceWe can not recommend anyone actually going to visit this second rate zoo!

There were appalled to see caged live rats on view outside the main entrance - obviously lunch for some of the inmates!


Photo of crocodile

Photo of crocodile



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