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Koh Samui - The Beaches of Koh Samui

Bo Phut BeachThe beaches of Koh Samui vary in quality and type of sand. The ones that are on the sea-frontage of hotels can be crowded

Left: Picture of Bo Phut Beach west of the fisherman's village.

Where there are links there is a page dedicated to that beach.

The northern coast beaches tend to be a coarse sand. From west to east they are:

Bang Po Beach; Maenam Beach; Bo Phut Beach and Big Buddha Beach

Chaweng Beach - Koh SamuiWith the best beaches on Koh Samui - The eastern coast, northern beaches tend to be a finer sand:

Choeng Mon Beach and Chaweng Beach: The most developed beach resort area on the island.

Whilst the eastern coast southern beaches are more coral based:

Coral Cove; Lamai Beach and Hua Thanon

The western beaches are not very clean especially around Nathon.

Nathon North Beach; Nathon South Beach; Taling Ngam and Phangka Bay.

Laem Sor end of Bang Kao BeachLaem Sor end of Bang Kao Beach - Swimming Pool

The southern beaches are quiet and largely inaccessible.

Thong Krut Beach; Bang Kao Beach and Laem Set Beach.

General information:

Topless or nude sunbathing is forbidden in Thailand Koh Samui nude beach? No not here. Be warned - This lady got away with it but you may not!

Koh Samui topless beach? Topless or nude sunbathing is forbidden in Thailand - It is against the strict morality code. So is petting and other 'indecent acts'.

Drunkenness won't be tolerated anywhere in public either.

Licensed hawkers and vendors wear tabards with licence numberOn many of the tourist beaches there are licensed hawkers and vendors that wear tabards with their licence number clearly displayed on the back. They are constantly patrolling the tourist area selling ‘tourist tat’ or fake designer watches etc. To avoid being bothered by them just avoid eye contact with them or their goods. If they do approach you a wave of the hand to signal your disinterest is usually enough. If you use the beach for a couple of days they will recognise you and generally leave you alone.

The Thais are a polite people that appear happy even though many are surviving in quiet desperation! We can however recommend the hot food, fruit and fixed price ice cream vendors.


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Koh Samui Beaches

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Bo Phut Beach

Big Buddha Beach

Choeng Mon Beach

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Coral Cove

Lamai Beach

Hua Thanon

Nathon North Beach

Nathon South Beach

Taling Ngam

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Thong Krut Beach

Bang Kao Beach

Laem Set Beach.


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