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Thailand - South Region - Songkhla Province

Songkhla Province

Songkhla Province is an area little known by tourists and visitors.

Songkhla is about 950 km from Bangkok, one of the southern provinces of Thailand - located on the Malay Peninsula,with fine beaches on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. To the south it borders Malaysia. Neighbouring Thai provinces are Nakhon Si Thammarat, Pattani, Phatthalung, Satun and Yala.

Songkhla province is subdivided into 16 Amphoe (districts), which are subdivided into 127 Tambon (communities) with around 990 Mubaan (villages). The Amphoe are:

Amphoe Muang Songkhla (city and environs),

Amphoe Bang Klam about 45 km away,

Amphoe Chana about 35 km away,

Amphoe Hat Yai about 25 km away,

Amphoe Khlong Hoi Khong about 45 km away,

Amphoe Khuan Niang about 70 km away,

Amphoe Krasae Sin about 75 km away,

Amphoe Na Mom about 35 km away,

Amphoe Na Thawi about 50 km away,

Amphoe Ranot about 75 km away,

Amphoe Rattaphum about 60 km away,

Amphoe Saba Yoi about 100 km away,

Amphoe Sadao about 70 km away,

Amphoe Sathing Phra about 35 km away,

Amphoe Singhanakhon about 25 km away


Amphoe Thepha about 75 km away.

Songkhla had not been affected by the Pattani Separatism terrorist activities started in 2004. Three bombs exploded on 3rd Apr. 2005 in Songkhla creating concern that violence had spread into this province.

Songkhla province is home the biggest natural lake in Thailand, Lake Songkhla. Almost 80 km long (north to south) with an area of just over 1000 sq km, with an opening on to the Gulf of Thailand close to Songkhla city.

Unlike other provincial capitals Songkhla city is not the biggest city in the province - Hat Yai is twice the size - 25 km away often leads to people thinking that Hat Yai is the capital.

There are two National Parks in the province. San Kala Khiri National Park is about 200 sq m of mountain highlands on the Thai-Malay border, with fine waterfalls and Khao Nam Khang National Park located in the border area mountains, includes historic shelters of Chinese Communists guerrillas that were used up to the 1980s.

Songkhla City

Songkhla is home to the Songkhla Zoo with a collection of Asian tapirs and a hornbill exhibitions with other wild animals.

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