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Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand

About Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi International Airport

The first year of operation was 2007 for Suvarnabhumi Airport - Pronounced Suwan-naphum or loosely Su-wan-na-poom - Thailand and it was a turbulent one, with several shortfalls that attracted harsh criticism from international passengers and airline operators alike. Those are still being addressed even now besides the airline security complaints galore at

Noise pollution at Suvarnabhumi: There is a residents' Suvarnabhumi Airport noise abatement group that is gaining strength daily that may cost the airport its life in the long run! Besides the fact Suvarnabhumi sea levels are going to rise with global warming and possibly flood the whole area of Suvarnabhumi, built on a swamp!

Suvarnabhumi International Airport suffered from problems such as major cracks in the runways, defective runway and peri-track lighting and probably worst of insufficient toilet facilities!

Efforts are being made by Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok to work more in line with original plans and expectations, but some improvement works remain to be completed before Suvarnabhumi, Thailand can enter into the top 20 chart for international airports. Both the IATA and the Airport Operations Committee (AOC), which represents 68 international airline managers stationed in Bangkok, continue to monitor Suvarnabhumi with regard its international grading.

The airlines operators continue to be critical about the high service charges including the overpriced landing and parking fees as well as the concession fees levied by the Airports of Thailand (AoT) a public limited company, on ground-handling companies that has to be passed on ultimately to the airlines. The charges for a turnaround in Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport is higher than in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, yet the service level was lower, as is with many Thai tourism facilities claiming international parity.

The industry in Thailand is over managed with layer upon layer of management boards, apparently created to employ cronies of Thai Government ministers. The Board of Airlines' Representatives in Thailand (BAR), an industry group representing over sixty regular international carriers, continues to warn that Bangkok Suvarnabhumi BKK is and will continue to loose out to near neighbouring countries in the race to become southeast Asia's international aviation hub. This is definitely down to the lack of sound airport operating and pricing policy together with lax management regimes.

While airlines boards are unanimous in the hope that the Thai airport authorities stick to their original policy plan of having Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport serve as Bangkok's sole airport, some Thai transport officials spearheaded the re-opening of Don Mueang airport for some international
and low-cost carrier flights, in addition to non-connecting domestic flights.

AoT is eager to see Don Mueang become a fully fledged secondary airport to relieve the horrible traffic congestion at Suvarnabhumi, now reaching its absolute capacity. Don Mueang Airport used to deal with more than 36 million international and local passengers a year. AoT used that reason, coupled with budgetary constraints; advocate a long delay in Suvarnabhumi's phase-one expansion that requires an outlay of over 70 billion THB for the development of a mid-airfield super terminal and a third runway. This would raise the capacity to around 60 million international passengers per annum but the airlines are vigorously opposing any delay, insisting that they want to stay put at Suvarnabhumi as the International Hub and they are urging the Thai Government and Airport authorities to proceed with the expansion of Suvarnabhumi as the International Hub immediately.

Facilities at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi International Airport include Suvarnabhumi Airport hotels:

The Novotel Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel, Novotel Suvarnabhumi airport - Novotel Suvarnabhumi.

We are looking for a reasonable plan of Suvarnabhumi Airport / Suvarnabhumi Airport map and asking for a Suvarnabhumi Airport inside.jpg and general photo Suvarnabhumi Airport images. Germans know the airport as das Flughafen Bangkok Suvarnabhumi.

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