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Thailand - Info - Driving Essentials

In Thailand you drive on the left just the same as the UK - but be prepared for a lot of chaos. There appear to be very few rules of the road - except the ones that say "I was here first so tough!" or "My vehicle is bigger than yours so I have more rights!"

Speeds are displayed in kilometres per hour (KPH)

Most drivers are well mannered and almost polite - but this is only up to a certain level. You will hardly ever hear a car driver honking their horn and anger is never displayed. Despite this, traffic is rather hectic in and around busy Bangkok where slow or erratic driving is not really appreciated.

The first driving essential is to keep your cool and don't give in to road rage! You'll loose - the local drivers have been doing this a lot longer than you!

There are traffic laws as we decipher them we will include them!

Here are a few Thailand road signs that may be unfamiliar to you or familiar signs with Thai meanings - Any round sign with a an obligatory sign:

Thai Road Sign - Police Checkpoint Stop at Police Checkpoint

Thai Road Sign - No Overtaking No overtaking

Thai Road Sign - Obligatory Stop Obligatory Stop

Thai Road Sign - Yield or Give Way Yield or Give Way

Warning signs are yellow - diamond shaped ie:

Roundabout Ahead

The Thai drivers seem to have a relaxed attitude to the wearing of seatbelts, parking or keeping within the speed limits.

A very short 'pip' on the horn is not aintended as an aggressive action - merely a warning that overtaking is about to happen!

Flashing of the headlights is ONLY to be used as a WARNING - Definately NOT a signal that the coast is clear for you to cross the flow of oncomming traffic!

Milestones at the roadside are in kilometres not miles - As a rough guide; 8 kilometres = 5 miles (not just in Thailand!)

More more familiar road signs:

Thai Road Sign - No Motorcars No Motorcars

Thai Road Sign - No Parking No Parking

Thai Road Sign - No Stopping No Stopping

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