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Thailand - Shopping Guide - Best Buys

Thailand is a bargain hunters paradise - a huge variety of goods can be bought here at sometimes, ridiculous prices - generally though things are cheaper by far than the UK.

Many specialist articles are certified - Various Thai folk handicrafts and products are produced under the 'OTOP' project - One Tambon One Product - Keep an eye out for the logo!

Antique carvingAntiques: There are carvings, coins, pottery and sculptures as well as puppets, silverware and ornamental wooden fragments from old buildings and palaces.

Clothing: Ready made and made to measure clothing is great value - beware of cheap imitations! Good quality garments are available a price that will make you gasp!

Cotton: Material and made up garments are extremely good value. Cotton is known for its durability and wear-ability - hand made Batik material is well worth seeking out.

Gold: Yaowarat Road in Bangkok has a great number of gold 'specialist' shops offering expert designs and excellent workmanship.

Teakwood HandicraftsHandicrafts: Thai's are natural artisans and can make anything from anything! Artificial flowers, brass ware, bronze ware, dolls, lacquer ware, model making, nielloware, painting and weaving are a few of the more prominent classes.


Jewellery: Thailand has become well known over the last twenty years or so as a producer of fine jewellery. With skilled craftsmen and great designers turning the locally mined, high grade gemstones, particularly emeralds, rubies and sapphires into world class jewellery.

Chiang Mai - Leather craftsmanLeather Goods: As Thailand has a plentiful supply of high quality hides, combined with excellent craftsmanship and great prices, Thailand is an ideal place to buy your leatherwear.

Pewter-ware: Thai pewter-ware is some of the best in the world. 97% pure tin and 3% copper and antimony, it is totally lead free!

Pottery: The making of traditional Sangkalok stoneware made by potters that emigrated from China about 7 centuries ago died out some time ago. The art has ben revived and is now known as 'Celadon'. Products range from vases to full dinner sets.

Silk: Material and made up garments are extremely good value. Silk is known for its feel, durability and wear-ability. Shop around for your best price. 'Mudmee', tie-dyed silk a popular material is worth seeking out. Most Thai silk is hand woven - maintaining the traditional look of this fantastic material.

Silverware: Thai silver has a certain look about it - if you like it then here is obviously the place to buy it (Think about the cleaning later!)

Wood Carvings: Decorative objects, furniture, souvenirs and utensils are the four main categories. Teak wood is a popular choice.

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