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Thailand - Recipes from Thailand

This section will deal with the culinary aspects of Thailand

The success of Thai cuisine lies on the basics of the four taste areas - pungent, salty, sour and sweet. These form the base to the wide range of 'Thai' flavours.

Chili is used quite liberally in many Thai cuisine dishes so beware if you don't like it hot! Reduce the amount of chili - You can always add later, you can't take it out once it's in! Rice is a natural foil to chili - so if the chili is too heavy for you, just mix it with more rice.

The top ten Thai dishes liked by us in the UK are:

1. Tom yam kung - Spicy shrimp soup.

2. Kaeng khiao wan Gai - Gang Keaw Wan Gai - Green Thai (chicken) curry.

3. Phat Thai - Fried noodles Thai style.

4. Phat kaphrao - Fried meat with sweet basil.

5. Kaeng phet pet yang - Roast duck curry.

6. Tom kha kai - Chicken and coconut soup.

7. Yam Nuea Yang - Spicy beef salad.

8. Mu sa-te - Roast turmeric pork or Kai sa-te - Roast turmeric chicken.

9. Kai phat met mamuang himmaphan - Chicken fried with cashew nuts.

10. Phanaeng - Meat in coconut cream.

Our review of The Baipai Thai Cookery School


Other recipes listed

Egg Custard - Sang Ka Ya

Green Curry Paste - Prik Gang Keaw Waan

Spring Rolls - Por Peea Tod


Some of the ingredients that are included in traditional Thai cooking - either the English name or the Romanized Thai name with descriptions and use are listed below, with the equivalent that is usually available in the UK. The Thai herbal 'function' is added where known.

Banana Blossom - (No UK equiv.) - Banana blossom is believed to help lower blood sugar levels.

Bau Bok - see Bia Bau Bok.

Bia Bau Bok - Asiatic Pennywort - (UK equiv. watercress) - Bau Bok is believed to relieve headache and sore throat and also reduce high blood pressure.

Chili - Flavouring - Chili is believed to benefit the respiratory system, blood circulation and heart. Cough remedy and appetite stimulant.

Garlic - Aromatic - Garlic is believed to have strong medicinal properties. Anti-cholesterol properties and lowers blood pressure.

Kai - Chicken

Mu - Pork

Shallot - Flavouring - Shallot is believed to have calmative properties as well as cold relief and mild diuretic.

Tamarind - herb flavour - (No UK equiv.) - Tamarind is believed to relieve colds and coughs.

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Phat Thai

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