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Thai Tips - Getting the best out of Thailand - Not the worst!

Thailand is a wonderful country but full of pitfalls for the unwary. Everything seems to have a right way and a wrong way here - but if you keep you sense of proportion, use your common sense and ask for advice from someone in authority you won't go far wrong.

At international arrivals terminals - beware, as there are touts who try to cheat tourists in different ways - Don't be sucked in to promises of any kind from strangers - that includes chauffeured limousine hire without looking at the vehicle! It just might end up as a ten year old volvo family saloon. It would be better to use a metered taxi to get you to your hotel.

Beware of unsolicited telephone calls to your hotel room claiming to come from representatives of the airline you have just used to get you to Thailand - offering you complimentary city tours - they will turn out to be far from complimentary! These touts are attempting to lure you into buying low quality products where they get a commission.

Make sure you arrange excursions with your tour representative or if you are doing it yourself use licensed operators.

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